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New Office

In late October 2016, we moved from the Red Dot Traffic Building in Tanjong Pagar to a four-storey, 10,000 sq. ft. building in Henderson Road. Our new studio in this lofty warehouse space truly allows us to work and play. The centrepiece is our reception area that transforms into a bar after-hours. It has hosted many parties for staff and friends. Come visit!

A dark portal framing a 50-year-old plumeria tree marks the entrance to eco.id’s stylish new studio. It is housed in a four-storey building on Henderson road, discreet but full of wonderful surprises. Passing a courtyard, a glass façade allows a glimpse into a lofty gallery space with intriguing pieces of contemporary and antique installations.

Layers of steel rod grids used in reinforced concrete construction are used to create pavilions within the high-ceilinged industrial space that houses meeting room suites, a library and a modern gourmet kitchen.

The reception area is presided over by a counter detailed with an acid-etched marble top and a fascia of patinated brass flutings. A cluster of antique Teochew cabinets opens up to reveal an astonishing collection of alcoholic infusions and curiosities… for those lucky enough to be invited to stay after the last meeting of the day.

“Cloud Forest”, an installation art piece of bromeliads fixed to charred branches lends a backdrop to the arrival area.

The work spaces are reached by a large lift car that is designed to feel like an antechamber 
to a secret club.

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